How to become a member of the Fellowship Of First Fleeters

There are several categories of membership available to descendants who wish to join the Fellowship.

Ordinary, Associate, Pensioner, Student and Junior memberships are available to those who can provide documentary proof of direct descent from one or more First Fleet ancestor. When applying for membership, each prospective member needs to complete an application form for each First Fleet ancestor claimed (except where two First Fleeters were married). A photocopy of the applicant's FULL Birth Certificate plus a photocopy of sufficient FULL Certificates or Transcripts (birth, death or marriage) is required to trace direct descent through each generation back to the First Fleeter to substantiate the claim.


Once a parentís membership has been approved, children need only supply an application form plus a photocopy of their own FULL Birth Certificate to be granted membership


Associate membership is available to the spouse/partner of an Ordinary or Pensioner Member. It is not necessary to complete a separate application form, it is sufficient to just insert the spouse/partnerís full name at the bottom of the prospective memberís application form and supply a copy of the Marriage certificate.


Friend membership is available to adopted or stepchildren who are ineligible for Ordinary membership in their own right.  People who have been unable to prove descent from a First Fleeter but have an interest in both the Fellowship and Australian history are eligible for Friend membership. First Fleet Friend should complete the appropriate application form, as available on the Web Site.



Application Forms
The Application Forms can be Printed from this site are listed below.
They are in Word format and can be saved and used for Printing.

Download application form - fff application form.doc
Download application friend - fff application friend.doc
Download Name Badge form - fff badge form.doc





One-Off Joining Fee  (*see Note Below) $20.00
Category      ANNUAL Subscription
Ordinary Member $42.00
Associate Member $32.00
Pensioner Member (supply card number) $32.00
Full time Student Member $20.00
Junior Member (under 18 years Ė supply date of birth) $10.00
First Fleet Friend $32.00


First Fleet NAME BADGE 



  *Note: If an Application for an Ordinary Member + Associate Member is submitted together, at the same time, then only one Joining Fee of $20.00 is payable



First Fleet House

Office Address:

First Fleet House,

105 Cathedral St.


Sydney, NSW, 2011


Phone: 02 9360 3788



OFFICE HOURS Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

10.00am to 3.00pm

*Note; If visiting FF House to do Research, please

Telephone beforehand and make an appointment


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