The name SMITH



There were 25 souls on the First Fleet with the surname SMITH.

The youngest, Edward or William, was the son of a convict girl, Hannah Smith. He was born around October 1786
whilst Hannah was in gaol and was around 6 months old in March 1787 when Hannah was discharged to Charlotte.
By the time the Fleet sailed in May 1787 he would have been around 7 months old, and in October 1787 
when Hannah was transferred to Lady Penrhyn he was around one year old.
Edward/William died at Port Jackson in June 1788.
There were two James Smiths also on the Fleet. One, a convict, on emancipation received a grant at Mulgrave Place, 
whilst the other James, would you believe, was the only paying passenger on the First Fleet. 
Arthur Phillip was informed at Capetown that there was a tourist in his charge. 
On the recommendation of several officers, Phillip allowed James Smith to land at Sydney Cove, providing him with a tent, 
a piece of land for a garden requested that he superintend convicts at work.

In 1789 Smith was appointed Assistant Commissioner at Rosehill.

He proved a dead loss and a weight on the stores of the infant colony and was returned, bag and baggage to England

by the "Gorgon" in 1791.
All that we are told that advancing age and infirmity led to his dismissal!!



Author: Peter George Christian

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