Thomas Freeman joined Sirius as clerk on 25 October 1786, discharged by order of Admiral Hood from Portsmouth guardship Ganges, on which he had served as able seaman. On 1 February 1788 he was appointed Under Commissary at Port Jackson, and in this task he issued clothing to women on Prince of Wales and Lady Penrhyn before they came ashore on 5 February.


On 13 July 1788 Freeman wrote to the Under Secretary of State for the Home Office, Evan Nepean, to tell of his work in charge of the laboratory and agricultural implements, tallying them in and out of store. He asked for a colonial salary, as he had carried out this work with no pay, other than that derived from his role on Sirius.


He was discharged from Sirius on 9 July, and on 1 August went to Norfolk Island on Surprize to become Deputy Storekeeper.

Freeman returned to Port Jackson and was serving at Parramatta when he died on 25 October 1794 at the age of 59. He was buried at St Johnís on 2 November 1794. There is no record of his having married.



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