Alexander McDonald. (Circa 1757-1788?)



Alexander McDonald stole some silver shoe buckles, five linen shirts, and two pairs of cotton drawers from the house where he was probably a servant. He was sentenced to be transported for seven years (later designated Africa) at the Old Bailey on 8 December 1784, and sent to the Ceres (“Caesar”) hulk on 23 May 1785, aged 27. Transferred to the Justitia hulk on 16 May 1786, he was delivered to Alexander on 6 April 1787.

McDonald was mustered on board by Major Robert Ross on 13 March and by the contractor William Richards on the 31st. No death on the voyage is recorded, but he does not appear in colonial records at Port Jackson except for a rumour by Arthur Bowes (qv) that he had been killed by Aborigines, with William Allen (qv) on 8 March 1788, which was probably true. He was not included in the 1788 victualling list, nor was Allen.







To The Memory of

Alexander McDonald.


I did not think it would be like this.

A slice of an island I call my own

With a scene glossed by sentiment

Where I peacefully lay forever more.




Founders of Australia.

M. Gillen.

Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409.


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