Ann Parker 1786ó1788.


Little Ann Parker / Pugh, daughter of Elizabeth and Edward Pugh (qqv) was born in gaol at Gloucester. All three were ordered to Portsmouth on 23rd March 1787 for Prince of Wales, but were embarked on Friendship on 10 April.

With Elizabeth her mother Ann was sent to Charlotte on 28 October at the Cape of Good Hope.


Ann died and was buried at Port Jackson on 30 June 1788, registered as Ann Pue





To The Memory of

Elizabeth Parker/Pugh.

Ann Parker/Pugh, her two year old daughter.


As Elizabeth was nearing death, she may have wondered

what would become of Ann . She never knew of Annís death.

A Motherís love. 

ďI feel you close, youíre always here,

Youíre my special shining star,

My beautiful little Ann. 

Mother and daughter are buried somewhere at Sydney Cove 1788.



Founders of Australia. M. Gillen.

NSW BDM Index: V178877 4/1788 & V1788124 4/1788

Verse: J. Mortimer. # 6409.



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