Cornelius Connelly.

Born in England circa 1763—Died in the Colony 1788.


Cornelius Connelly faced two counts of high-way robbery, with theft of a coat and a pair of women’s shoes and other goods, at Stoke Damerel, Plymouth, for which he was sentenced to death at Exeter, Devon, on 7 August 1786.


Reprieved on the 28th to seven years transportation, he was 23 when he was sent to the Dunkirk hulk, where his behavior was

“tolerably decent and orderly”.


On 11 March 1787 he embarked on “Charlotte”.

On the voyage, insolence to the surgeon earned him 100 lashes in October.

 He was then transferred to the “Scarborough” for the rest of the voyage.

He survived at Port Jackson only until 15 March 1788.





To The Memory of

Cornelius Connelly.


Crime was survival in the land he left behind.

He learnt survival of a different style in his new land.

Unfortunately Cornelius became so ill.

He is just a memory now to those who knew him well.

Buried at Sydney Cove 1788.




Founders of Australia.

M. Gillen.

 Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409.





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