FF EDWARD GOODWIN Convict ‘ Scarborough ’ (c1765-1839)

EDWARD GOODWIN, THOMAS WILKIN, Theft > grand larceny, 21st April 1784.(oldbaileyonline.org t17840421-73)

EDWARD GOODWIN and THOMAS WILKIN were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 24th of April, one piece of woollen cloth, containing six yards and a half, value 50 s. one other piece, containing six yards and a half, value 50 s. the property of William Mawhood.
On Saturday noon, as I was walking along I saw Wilkins walking in the street, he came out of the prosecutor’s shop; he walked a little way before me, it was about eleven, or between eleven and twelve; he walked about two doors from the gentleman’s house, and two men joined him, the other prisoner, and one that is not here; when I came even with them, they were conversing together, and when I came close to them, I heard the short one, Wilkins, say, he is coming out presently; the next witness, who was just behind me, heard them say, he is coming out presently; we went back and watched them, and I saw Wilkins come out of the door, and in a little time Goodwin went into the shop, with this parcel of cloth under his arm, I followed and held him, and called the next witness to secure the others; he was detained in the shop.
William Brooksbank deposed to the same effect.

The prisoner Wilkins called two witnesses to his character.
Transported seven years:
Tried by the second London Jury, before Mr. RECORDER.

Edward was received on the hulk Censor on 6th September, aged 19, and sent to Portsmouth by wagon on 24th February 1787, embarking on the Scarborough three days later.

At Port Jackson on 24th October 1789 Goodwin was found guilty of playing cards with John Pettit , also transported on the Scarborough, at 2 am. Because they were 1st offenders, the punishment was limited to 50 lashes.

Edward married Ann Thomas aged 22 (Second Fleet Convict, Lady Juliana, 1790), at St Philips, December 28th 1790.
A son was born a year later and baptised as James on 25th December 1791. A second son was born just before James died in 1792, and baptised Edward on 25th November 1792 but he died in late 1793. A daughter Mary followed in April 1794, and a second son named James was born in August 1795.


In 1800 he was sworn a constable at Kissing Point where he was a landholder. He owned three pigs, three sheep, and had six acres sown in wheat, with a further 5 acres ready for planting maize, with a wife and one child (possibly an error) he was on stores

Two years later he owned a 60 acre farm by purchase with 11 acres sown with wheat and seven ready for maize, owning 14 sheep and four hogs, he held one bushel of wheat and 20 bushels of maize in store. He, his wife and three children were off stores, supporting the family from their own produce.


By 1806 Edward had moved strongly into sheep- his 60 acres were divided into 15 for grain, one and a half orchard and garden, 15 fallow and 28 for his 56 sheep.He had one female goat, three hogs and held 27 bushels of grain.

By now the Goodwin’s had five children, with additions Thomas (1796), Edward (1800) and Elizabeth (1804) and all were off stores, and Goodwin employed and supported convict labourers

Two more children were born John (1805) and Margaret (1806), but sadly she did not survive.

Then there was Robert (1807), Mary Ann (1810, William (1812) and Sarah (1804)


Edward and Ann had at least 13 children with not all surviving infantisy.


The Census of New South Wales November 1828 shows the Goodwin(Recorded as Goodin) Family as:
Gooden, Edward, 66, free by servitude, Scarborough, 1786, 7 years, Protestant, settler, Kissing point, 60 acres, 26 acres cleared, 26 acres cultivated, 6 horses, 42 horned cattle.
Gooden, Ann, 52, free by servitude, Lady Juliana, 1790, 7 years, Protestant.
Gooden, John, 24, born in the colony.
Gooden, Margaret, 22, born in the colony.
Gooden, Robert., 21 born in the colony.
Gooden, MaryAnn , 18, born in the colony.
Gooden, Sarah, 14 born in the colony.


Ann died in 1830, age given as 61 years, although she was shown as 52 in the 1828 Census


Edward died on 8th January 1839aged 77 years at Hunters Hill and was buried in St Anne’s Ryde NSW

His Headstone Inscription says:

To the memory of Edward Goodin who departed this life January the 5th 1839 aged 77 years Also John Goodin his grandson died April 29th 1877 aged 11 days


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FF Edward (Goodin) GOODWIN Convict‘Scarborough’(c1765-1839)



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