Elizabeth Hervey.

Born in England circa 1757- Died in Sydney Cove 1788.


Elizabeth Hearvey may have been the daughter of Samuel Hervey and Ann Plum baptized at Buxhall, Sulffolk, on 27 February 1757. She was charged at Bury St. Edmunds on 23 March 1784 with breaking into a house and theft of clothing, for which she was sentenced to death. Reprieved to transportation

for 14 years, she was still in Ipswich Gaol, age given as 27 (perhaps age at entry of the gaol), at 14 October 1786. Ordered to the Dunkirk hulk on the 18th, she was received there on the 24th (age given as 25), and on 11 March 1787 she was discharged to Friendship, thence to Charlotte on 11 August at Rio. Ralph Clark had recorded her Friendship as age 23. She was buried at Sydney Cove on 8 June 1788.




To The Memory


Elizabeth Hervey.


Elizabeth’s crime was punishment by death,

Later reprieved, she sailed with other convicts to the Colony of NSW.

Elizabeth had served about two years of her sentence before she died.

Buried at Sydney Cove. 




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M. Gillen.


Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409.



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