James Copp.


Born in England circa 1746—Died in the Colony 1788.


James Copp was sentenced to seven years transportation at Exeter, Devon, with James Gould (qv) on 30 March 1786 for theft of 11 wooden barrels and other goods.

Sent to the Dunkirk hulk at the age of 40, his behavior on Dunkirk was “tolerably decent and orderly.

He was discharged to Charlotte on 11 March 1787 and barely survived the voyage.





To The Memory of

James Copp.



One life was lost because of: “Eleven Wooden Barrels”!


During the voyage, James found that life was not a dream.


Sickness had set in and unfortunately James never recovered. 


James Copp was buried at Sydney Cove on 19 February 1788.





Founders of Australia.

M. Gillen.


Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409.



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