John Carney.

English by birth circa 1768 – Died in the Colony 1788.


John Carney was found guilty with John Cullyhorn or Callaghan (qv) of breaking and entering a house to steal three gowns, other goods, and 32s.

in money. He was sentenced to death at Exeter, Devon on 22 July 1782, but reprieved to seven years transportation to Africa. Sent to dank Wood Street Compter in London, he needed and received medication during 1783, and could only have felt relief when ordered to Ceres hulk on 19th April 1785, when the government was planning to send convicts to the Gambia River in West Africa.


Ordered to Portsmouth by wagon to embark on Scarborough, Carney was delivered on 27 February 1787 from the Censor hulk to which he had been transferred.


Aged about 19, he was buried at Sydney Cove on 3 June 1788.






TO The Memory of

John Carney.


Carry me out into the wind and the sunshine,


into a beautiful world that I can call my own.


It’s Sydney Cove where I rest.


“Thankfully not the Gambia River in West Africa” 



Founders of Australia.

M. Gillen.


Verse: J. Mortimer # 6409.



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