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First Fleeters Category Ship Gravesite / Plaques
Abbott Joseph Marine Drummer Scarborough  
Abel Robert Convict - 7 Years Alexander Unknown
Able/Tilley Mary Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Able/Tilley William Convict's Child Lady Penrhyn  
Abrahams/Julian Esther Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Abrahams/Julian Esther / Rosanna Convict's Child Lady Penrhyn  
Abrahams Henry Convict Alexander  
Acres Thomas Convict - 7 Years Charlotte St Peters Campbelltown NSW
Adams John Convict Scarborough  
Adams Mary Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Agnews / Ayner John Convict Scarborough  
Allen Charles Convict Scarborough  
Allen John Convict Alexander  
Allen Mary Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Saviours Goulburn
Allen Robert Seaman Alexander
Allen Susannah Convict Prince of Wales  
Allen William Convict - 7 Years Alexander Sydney Cove
Allen William Seaman Friendship  
Allen/Boddington Tamasin Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Allen/Conner Mary Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Alt Augustus Surveyor to the Colony Prince of Wales St Johns Parramatta
Alt Matthew Bowles Midshipman RN HMS Sirius  
Altree John Turnpenny Sugeon Lady Penrhyn  
Anderson Alexander Marine Private Lady Penrhyn  
Anderson Elizabeth Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Anderson Frances/Fanny Convict Sailed on Friendship & Arrived on Lady Penrhyn  
Anderson John Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Anderson John Convict Charlotte  
Anderson John Convict Scarborough  
Anderson alias for Irvine/Law John Convict - Surgeon's Assistant Lady Penrhyn  
Anderson William Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Angel James Marine Private HMS Sirius  
Anstis Nicholas Chief Mate Lady Penrhyn  
Archer Isaac Marine Private Alexander Sandhills Devonshire ST
Archer/Forrester John Convict Scarborough  
Armstrong Archibald 2nd Mate Fishburn  
(H) Armsworth Ann Marine's Child Prince of Wales Sandhills Devonshire St Sydney NSW
Arndell Thomas Assistant Surgeon Friendship St Matthews Windsor NSW
Arscott John Convict Scarborough  
Ashley John Seaman Alexander  
Asky/Askew Richard Marine Private Alexander  
Assell John Marine Private HMS Sirius  
Atkinson George Convict Scarborough  
Ault Sarah Convict Prince of Wales  
Ayres John Convict Scarborough  
Ayres William Convict Friendship  
Bacon Elizabeth Marine's Child HMS Sirius  
Bacon Jane/Elizabeth Marine's Wife HMS Sirius  
Bacon Samuel Marine Private HMS Sirius  
Bagley James Marine Corporal HMS Sirius  
Bagley Maria/Marie Marine's Child HMS Sirius  
Bagley Sarah Marine's Wife HMS Sirius  
Bagnall Ralph Marine Private HMS Sirius  
Bailey Alexander Seaman Alexander  
Bails Robert Convict Alexander  
Baker James Marine Private Charlotte  
Baker Martha Convict  Lady Penrhyn  
Baker Thomas Convict Charlotte  
Baker William Marine Corporal Charlotte St Davids Hobart Tasmania
Baldwin/Balding James/William Convict Scarborough  
Baldwin/Bowyer Ruth Convict Prince of Wales  
Ball Henry Lidgbird Lieutenenat RN HMAT Supply  
Ball John Convict Charlotte  
Ball Thomas 3rd Mate Lady Penrhyn  
Balmain William Assisting Surgeon Alexander  
Bannister George Convict Alexander  
Barber Elizabeth Convict Sailed on Friendship & arrived on  Prince of Wales  
Barford John Convict Alexander  
Barland George Convict Scarborough  
Barnatt Thomas Seaman HMAT Supply  
Barnes Mary Wife of Samuel Barnes Servant Golden Grove  
Barnes/Barns Robert Boatswain Friendship  
Barnes Samuel Servant to Reverend R Johnson Golden Grove  
Barnes Stephen Convict Alexander  
Barnett Daniel Convict - 7 Years Friendship St Matthews Windsor NSW
Barnett Henry Convict Alexander  
Barrett Thomas Convict - Life Charlotte Sydney Cove
Barrisford Hannah Marine's Wife Prince of Wales  
Barrisford John Marine Private Prince of Wales  
Barsby Samuel Convict Charlotte  
Basely John Convict Charlotte  
Bason Elizabeth Convict Charlotte  
Batchelor John Marine Private HMS Sirius  
Bates John Marine Private HMS Sirius  
Batley Oten Convict Charlotte  
Batley Walter/Walton
Rowse/Rouse John
Convict Friendship  
Baughan / Bingham John Convict Friendship  
Baxter William Marine Private Alexander  
Bayley James Convict Charlotte  
Bayliss John Convict Friendship  
Bayne David Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Beard William Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Beardlsey Ann Convict Sailed on Friendship & arrived on Charlotte  
Bell Jacob Convict Scarborough  
Bell Jonathon Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Bellamy Joseph Convict's Child Lady Penrhyn  
Bellamy Sarah Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn Sandhills - Devonshire St Sydney
Bellett Jacob Convict - 7 Years Scarborough St Davids Hobart Tasmania
Benear Samuel Convict Scarborough  
Bennett John Convict - 7 Years Friendship Sydney Cove
Bentley Joshua Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Bentley / Morton Joshua Convict's Child Lady Penrhyn  
Berriman John Purser's Steward HMS Sirius  
Berry/Barry John Convict - 7 Years Friendship Sydney Cove
Best John Convict - 7 Years Friendship St Matthews Windsor NSW
Bingham/Mooring Elizabeth Convict Prince of Wales  
Bird Elizabeth Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Johns Parramatta
Bird James Convict Alexander  
Bird Samuel Convict Alexander  
Bishop Elias Marine Private Alexander St Peters Richmond NSW
Bishop Thomas Marine Private Friendship  
Blackburn David Ship's Masster HMAT Supply  
Blackhall William Convict Alexander  
Blades alias for Stewart Margaret Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Blake Francis Convict Scarborough  
Blanchet Susannah Convict - 7 Years Prince of Wales Sydney Cove
Blatherhorn / Beans / Fisher William Convict Charlotte  
Bloodworth James Convict - 7 Years Charlotte Old Sydney Burial Ground
Blunt William Convict Scarborough  
Boggis William Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Unknown
Bolton Mary Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Bolton/Boulton Rebecca Convict - 7 Years Prince of Wales Sydney Cove
Bolton/Boulton  Rebecca Convict's Child Prince of Wales Sydney Cove
Bond Peter Convict Alexander  
Bond William Convict Charlotte  
Bone Joseph Carpenter HMAT Supply At Sea
Bones James 3rd Mate Alexander  
Bones alias for Eggleton/William Convict Alexander  
Bonner Jane Convict Prince of Wales  
Bowes Smyth Arthur Surgeon Lady Penrhyn  
Boyce Benjamin Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Bradford John Convict Charlotte  
Boyle John Convict Scarborough  
Bradbury William Convict Scarborough  
Bradley James Convict -7 Years Scarborough St Anne's Ryde NSW
Bradley William "Voyage to New South Wales" 1st Lieutenant RN HMS Sirius France?
Braiden Samuel Quartermaster's Mate HMAT Supply  
Bramage Thomas Marine Private Alexander  
Bramwell Thomas Marine Private Lady Penrhyn  
Branagan James Convict Charlotte  
Brand Curtis Convict Friendship  
Brand alias for Wood Lucy Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Branham Mary Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Brannon John Marine Private Alexander  
Braund Mary Convict Charlotte  
Braund Charlotte Spence Convict's Child Charlotte  
Brewer Henry Midshipman RN HMS Sirius  
Brewer William Convict -7 Years Charlotte Sydney Cove
Brice William Convict Friendship  
Brindley John Convict Alexander  
Brixley/Brexley Charles Marine Corporal Charlotte  
Brody Walter Armourer HMS Sirius  
Brooks Deborah Boatswain's Wife HMS Sirius  
Brooks Thomas Boatswain HMS Sirius  
Brough Ralph Marine Private Alexander  
Brough William Convict Alexander  
Broughton William Servant to Surgeon John White Charlotte Liverpool Pioneer Memorial Park
Brown Elizabeth Marine's Wife Borrowdale  
Brown George - alias for Jenkins Robert Convict Alexander  
Brown James Convict Alexander  
Brown James 1st Mate Borrowdale  
Brown James Marine Private Borrowdale  
Brown John
(People Australia)
Marine Private Scarborough  
Brown John Marine Private Scarborough  
Brown Richard Convict Alexander  
Brown Robert Master Fishburn  
Brown Thomas Marine Private Charlotte  
Brown Thomas Convict Charlotte  
Brown Thomas/John Convict Scarborough  
Brown William Convict Charlotte  
Brown William French Convict Alexander  
Browning William Marine Private Friendship  
Bruce Flexmore Elizabeth Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Mary's Kempton Tasmania
Bruce Robert Convict Charlotte  
Bruce William Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Bruce William Cook Friendship  
Bryant John Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Bryant John Convict Charlotte  
Bryant Michael Convict Friendship  
Bryant Thom Convict Scarborough  
Bryant William Master's Mate HMS Sirius  
Bryant William Convict Charlotte  
Buckley Joseph Joseph Convict Charlotte  
Buckley Stephen Boatswain's Mate HMS Sirius  
Buddle Daniel Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Bull William Marine Private HMS Sirius  
Bunn Margaret Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Burdo/Bordeaux Sarah Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn Sandhills Devonshire St
Burkitt Martha Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Burley/Burleigh James Convict Alexander  
Burn Patrick Convict Friendship  
Burn Peter Convict Scarborough  
Burn Simon Convict Friendship  
Burne James Convict Scarborough  
Burne Terrance Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Burns Edward Seaman Alexander  
Burridge Samuel Convict Charlotte  
Butler Daniel Seaman Prince of Wales  
Butler Michael Seaman Scarborough  
Butler William Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Sandhills Devonshire St





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