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Note: FFF House continued to be closed during the Greater Sydney Covid-19 June - September 2021 Lockdown -  will reopen to members by appointment in 2022 - more information on the News page



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First Fleeters Category Ship Gravesite / Plaques
McCabe Magee Eleanor Convict - 7 Years Sailed on Lady Penrhyn & arrived on Prince of Wales Camellia (James Hardie Grounds) NSW
Marshall Mary Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn Sydney Burial Ground - Gravestone at First Fleet Memorial Garden Matraville
Martin Ann (Mary) Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Johns Parramatta
Martin John Convict - 7 Years Alexander St Johns Parramatta
Martin Stephen Convict -7 Years Alexander St Matthews New Norfolk Tasmania
McDonald Alexander Convict -7 Years Alexander Unknown
McDonald John Able Seaman Sailed on HMS Sirius discharged to HMS/HMAT Supply Sydney Cove?
Redmund/Redmond McGrath/McGrah/McGras Convict -7 Years Friendship Sydney Cove
McManus James Marine Private Charlotte Old Sydney Burial Ground
Meredith Frederick Steward to Captain Marshall Scarborough St Lukes Liverpool - Liverpool Pioneer Memorial Park
Merritt/Merriot/Marriot/Marrott   John Convict -7 Years Alexander St Matthews Windsor NSW
Miles Moyle David Convict - 7 Years Scarborough St Matthews Windsor NSW
Morgan Richard Convict -7 Years Alexander Clarence Plains
Morrisby James Convict - 7 Years Scarborough St Matthews Rokeby Tasmania
Mullins Hannah Convict - 14 Years Lady Penrhyn India
Mullins Mary Convict's Child Lady Penrhyn Unknown
Munro Lydia Convict - 14 Years Prince of Wales St Davids Hobart Tasmania
Murphy Michael Marine Private HMS Sirius St Matthews Windsor NSW
Nagle Jacob AbleSeaman HMS Sirius Canton Ohio USA
Nettleton Robert Convict -7 Years Alexander Sydney Cove
Nichols John Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Old Sydney Burial Ground reinterred Botany Pioner Park
Norton Phoebe Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn Sandhills - Devonshire StSydney NSW





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