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FF Name - Story Category Ship Gravesite / Plaques
Tarr Isaac Marine Private HMS Sirius St Johns Parramatta
Tennant Thomas Hilton aka Phillip Devine Convict -7 Years Alexander St Johns Wilberforce NSW
Thomas Waterson Connelly Elizabeth Convict -7 Years Prince of Wales St Matthews Rokeby Tasmania
Thompson William Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Tasmania?
Trace John Convict - 7 Years Charlotte Sandhills Devonshire St - transferred to Botany Memorial Park
Tuso Joseph Convict - Life Scarborough Sandhills Devonshire St - transferred to Botany Memorial Park
Tyrrell William Convict - 7 Years Alexander Sandhills Devonshire St - transferred to Botany Memorial Park
Vandercom/ Jones/Evans/ Elizabeth Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn Sandhills Devonshire St




Diversity in the First Fleet


from THE FIRST FLEET Part 2 by Peter Christian :


"There were 235 Non English First Fleeters


There were, for instance, 141 persons known to have been born in Ireland, or whose surnames suggested they may have been Irish or of Irish Extraction - mostly convicts convicted in England for petty crimes. It is interesting that the Irish Rebels arrived at a later date.


In addition there were 2 from the Channel Islands, and 33 Scottish- although no First Fleet Convict was convicted in Scotland and, of these, only one Scottish convict, John Ramsay, the rest being marines and seamen. The Scots certainly looked after their own!!!!


The Welsh weren't left out – 9 in number including four convicts.


Also there were at least 12  Black Africans, Americans or West Indians plus 14 North Americans, and 15 Other Nationalities ,comprising convicts from Madagascar, West Indies, Holland, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Jamaica, Sweden, Bengal India,  and Scandinavia ....


Some of us in the Fellowship of First Fleeters have this blood in our veins...."



African Ethnicity : John Caesar (Convict Alexander) ADB, John Chinery (Convict Charlotte), John Coffin (Convict Charlotte) People Australia, George Francisco (Convict Scarborough), Daniel/Janel/Jack/ Gordon (Convict Alexander) People Australia,   John Martin (Convict Alexander), John Moseley (Convict Scarborough) People Australia, George Nelson (Cook Prince of Wales), Thomas Orford (Convict Alexander) People Australia, John Randall (Convict Alexander), James "Back Jemmy"  Williams (Convict Scarborough), John "Black Jack"Williams (Convict Scarborough)


Channel Islanders :






Irish :


Jewish: mostly Sephardim… during the Diaspora or the dispersion of the Jews from Israel one tribe moved across the Northern African continent and settled in Spain. During the Inquisition in the 16th Century, they scattered north to Holland, France and England and most of the Jewish convicts were from England including Ester Abrahams, (Convict Lady Penrhyn), Esther Abrahams (Convict’s Child Lady Penrhyn) Henry Abrahams (Convict Alexander), Aaron Davis (Convict Alexander) People Australia, Daniel Daniels (Convict Scarborough) People Australia, John Harris (Convict Scarborough) Frances Hart (Convict Charlotte), John Hart (Convict Scarborough) People Australia, David Jacobs (Convict Scarborough), Thomas Josephs (Convict Scarborough) Flora Larah (Convict Prince of Wales) People Australia, Amelia Levy (Convict Lady Penrhyn) People Australia, Joseph Levy (Convict Scarborough) People Australia, and Peter Opley (Convict Alexander) People Australia.










Scottish :




Welsh  :



USA: Jacob Nagle Able Seaman (HMS Sirius), James Walburne (Scarborough),


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