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First Fleeters Category Ship Gravesite / Plaques
Jameson Thomas Surgeons Mate HMS Sirius St Mary’s C/E Paddington Green, London England
Jemmison/Jamison James Convict -7 Years Friendship Sydney Cove
Johnson Catherine Convict -7 Years Prince of Wales St Johns Wilberforce NSW
Johnson Rev Richard Colony Chaplain Golden Grove St Antholins London
Jones Jenny Convict's Child Lady Penrhyn Old Roman Catholic Burial Ground Andrew Lysaght Memorial Park Wollongong
Kable/Cable  Henry Convict -7 Years Friendship St Matthews Windsor NSW
Kable/Cable Henry Junior Convicts' Child Friendship St Matthews The Oaks NSW
Kil(l)pack David Convict - Life Scarborough St Johns Parramatta
Kimberl(e)y Edward Convict -7 Years Scarborough St Matthews Rokeby Tasmania
King Thackery  Elizabeth Convict -7 Years Sailed on the Friendship & arrived on the Charlotte Back River Methodist Chapel Magra Tasmania
King Phillip Gidley 2nd Lieutenant RN HMS Sirius

Tooting London England - In 1988 Grave removed to St Mary Magdalene Church Cemetery St Mary’s NSW

Knight Isaac Marine Sergeant Alexander St Johns Parramatta
Lambeth John Convict -7 Years Friendship Sydney Cove
Langley Henrietta Convict's Child Lady Penrhyn St Peters Campbelltown NSW
Langley Jane Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn Sandhills Devonshire St Sydney NSW
Lewis Sophia Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn Drowned Cockle Bay
Limeburner John Convict - 7 Years Charlotte St John's Ashfield NSW
Long John 2nd Lieutenant Marine Sailed on HMS Sirius & arrivd on Scarborough Unknown
Lucas Nathaniel Convict - 7 Years Scarborough St Lukes Liverpool NSW
Lucas Thomas Marine Private Scarborough St Davids Hobart Tasmania






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