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Phone: 02 9360 3788





OFFICE HOURS Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 

10.00am to 3.00pm

*Note; If visiting FF House to do Research, please

Telephone beforehand and make an appointment


Note: FFF House continued to be closed during the Greater Sydney Covid-19 June - September 2021 Lockdown -  will reopen to members by appointment in 2022 - more information on the News page



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First Fleeters Category Ship Gravesite / Plaques
Cabell/Kable Henry Convict Friendship  
Cabell/Kable Henry Junior Convict's Child Friendship  
Cable William Marine Private Scarborough  
Caesar John "Black" - see ADB Convict Alexander  
Caffery George 2nd Mate RN Scarborough  
Caird David 1st Mate Charlotte  
Caldwell Joseph Gunner HMS Sirius  
Callam James Surgeon HMAT/HMS Supply  
Campbell Donald Seaman Borrowdale  
Campbell James Convict Scarborough  
Campbell James Marine Captain Lady Penrhyn  
Campbell James Duncan Child Relation of Captain James Duncan Lady Penrhyn  
Campbell James/George/John Convict Scarborough  
Campbell John Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Campion Edward Marine Sergeant Scarborough  
Carey Ann Convict - 7 Years Charlotte Sydney Cove
Carney John Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Sydney Cove
Carroll Mary Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn Old Sydney Burial Ground
Carter Richard Convict Friendship  
Carter William Able Seaman HMAT/HMS Supply  
Carty Francis Convict Scarborough  
Carver John Marine Private Scarborough  
Carver Joseph Convict Alexander  
Castle John/James Convict Scarborough  
Cavanough Owen Able Seaman HMS Sirius St Thomas Sackville Reach Headstone also at Ebenezer Church
Chaaf William Convict Charlotte  
Chadwick Thomas Convict Scarborough  
Chadwick William Marine Private Scarborough  
Chanin Edward Convict Charlotte  
Chapman Elizabeth Marine's Child Charlotte  
Chapman Jane Marine's Wife Charlotte  
Chapman Jane Marine's Child Charlotte  
Chapman Thomas Marine Corporal Charlotte  
Chase Jacob Armourer HMAT/HMS Supply  
Cheslett George Marine Private Charlotte  
Chew John Marine Private Charlotte  
Childs William Convict Alexander  
Chinery Samuel - see People Australia
Convict Charlotte  
Chipp Thomas Marine Private Friendship St Johns Parramatta
Church William Convict Charlotte  
Clare George Convict Friendship  
Clark /Hosier James/John/Charles Convict Scarborough  
Clark Ralph Marine 2nd Lieutenant Friendship  
Clark Zachariah Shipping  Contractor's Agent Sailed on Scarborough  & arrived on Alexander Norfolk Island
Clarke Elizabeth Convict Sailed on Friendship & arrived on Prince of Wales  
Clarke John Convict Charlotte  
Clarke William Convict Scarborough  
Clay Charles Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Clayfield William Marine Sergeant Lady Penrhyn, Prince of Wales, (Alexander?)   
Clayfield Rachel Marine's Wife Lady Penrhyn Prince of Wales, (Alexander?)  
Clayton John Marine Private Scarborough  
Clayton/Hayton/Kayton George Convict Scarborough  
Cleaver Mary Convict Charlotte  
Cleaver / Baughan James Convict's Child Charlotte  
Clement John Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Clement Francis Hannah Convict's Child Lady Penrhyn St Johns Parramatta
Clements Henry Marine Private Lady Penrhyn  
Clements Thomas Convict Scarborough  
Cleverly Josephg Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Clinch Richard Marine Sergeant Scarborough  
Clough/Cleugh Richard Convict Alexander  
Cockett William Seaman Fishburn  
Cockran alias for Wade Mary Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Cockran Robert Seaman Friendship  
Coffin John - see People Australia Convict Charlotte  
Cole Elizabeth Convict Lady Penrhyn, Friendship, Prince of Wales  
Cole William Convict Scarborough  
Coleman Ishmael Convict Charlotte  
Colethread John Maraine Private Lady Penrhyn  
Colethread James Marine's Child Lady Penrhyn  
Collier Richard Convict Scarborough  
Collins David
(Journal Part 1
Journal Part 2)
Marines Captain - Judge Advocate HMS Sirius St Davids Park Hobart Tasmania
Collins/Colling Joseph Convict Scarborough  
Collins William Mairne 2nd Lieutenant Lady Penrhyn  
Colley Elizabeth Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Colpitts Ann Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Annes Ryde NSW
Connell Private Marine Private Charlotte  
Connelly Cornelius Convict -7 Years Sailed on Charlotte & arrived on Scarborough Sydney Cove
Connelly William Convict Alexander  
Connolly William Convict Scarborough  
Connor Martin Marine Corporal Scarborough  
Considen Dennis Surgeon Scarborough  
Cook Benjamin Marine - Drum Major Charlotte  
Cook Charlotte Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Cook Mary Marine's Wife Charlotte  
Coombes Ann Convict Prince of Wales  
Cooper Mary Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Copp James Convict - 7 Years Charlotte Sydney Cove
Corden James Convict Alexander  
Cormick Edward Convict Alexander  
Cottrell Thomas Marine Private Friendship  
Coventry James Quartermaster HMS Sirius  
Coward Joshua Marine Private Scarborough  
Cox James Convict Charlotte  
Cox John "Banbury Jack" Convict Scarborough  
Craven James Seaman Friendship  
Creamer John Convict Charlotte  
Creek Jane Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Creswell Daniel Marine Private Charlotte  
Creswell John Marine 2nd Lieutenant Sailed on Charlotte & arrived on Prince of Wales  
Creswell Susannah Marine's Wife Charlotte  
Cropper John Convict Alexander  
Cross Edward Carpenter Alexander  
Cross John Convict - 7 Years Alexander St Matthews Windsor NSW
Cross William Convict Scarborough  
Crowder/Risdale Thomas Restell Convict - Life Alexander St Davids Hobart Tasmania
Cuckow William Convict Scarborough  
Cudlip / Norris Jacob Convict Scarborough  
Cullen James Bryan Convict - 7 Years Scarborough St Davids Hobart Tasmania
Cullyhorn John Convict Scarborough  
Cunningham Edward Convict Scarborough  
Cunningham James Masters Mate HMS Sirius  
Curtis/Crudis William Quartermaster Lady Penrhyn  
Cusley Benjamin Marine Private Friendship St Matthews Windsor NSW
Cuss John Convict Charlotte  
Dalton/Burley/Burleigh Elizabeth Convict - 7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Matthews Windsor NSW
Daley James Convict Scarborough  
Daly/Warburton Ann Convict Prince of Wales  
Daniels Daniel - People Australia Convict Scarborough  
Dargin Peter Marine Private Prince of Wales  
Darnell Margaret Convict - 7 Years Prince of Wales St Thomas Sackville Reach Headstone also at Ebenezer Church
Daveny Thomas Able Seaman HMS Sirius St Johns Parramatta
Davey Thomas (ADB) Marine 1st Lieutenant Prince of Wales London England
Davies/Davis Sarah Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn Norfolk Island
Davies David Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Davis Aaron Convict Alexander  
Davis Ann / Jones Judith Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Davis/Mintz  Frances Convict -14 Years Lady Penrhyn Old Sydney Burial Ground - Gravestone is at First Fleet Memorial Garden  Matraville
Davis John Marine Private Prince of Wales  
Davis James Carpenter HMS Sirius  
Davis James Seaman HMAT/HMS Supply  
Davis James Convict Scarborough  
Davis Jane Marine's Child Prince of Wales  
Davis John Gunners Mate HMS Sirius  
Davis Martha Marine's Wife Prince of Wales  
Davis Mary Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Peters Richmond NSW
Davis Richard Convict Friendship  
Davis Samuel Convict Alexander  
Davis Thomas Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Davis William Convict Alexander  
Davis William Convict Friendship  
Davison John Convict Scarborough  
Dawley alias for Twyfield Ann Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Dawson (Mr) 1st Mate Scarborough  
Dawson Margaret Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Davison Rebecca Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Dawson Richard Ship's Boy Lady Penrhyn  
Day Richard Convict Alexander  
Dean Edward Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Dean / Dane George Seaman Fishburn  
Dearing Willliam Ships Boy Alexander  
Delaney Patrick Convict Friendship  
Dempsey William Marine Private Friendship  
Demspter John Hamilton Able Seaman HMAT/HMS Supply  
Dennison Barnaby Convict Alexander  
Dennison Michael Convict Alexander  
Desmond Thomas Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Deverlier John Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Dew William Marine Private Alexander  
Dickenson Mary Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn Old Sydney Burial Ground
Dickinson/Dixon Thomas alias Raw/Ralph Convict Alexander  
Dinger Edward Marine Private Alexander  
Dinger Elizabeth Marine's Wife Alexander  
Discoll Timothy Convict Scarborough  
Divine / Devine  Phillip alias for Tennant Thomas Hilton Convict - 7 Years Alexander  
Dixon Mary Convict Prince of Wales  
Dixon Wiliam Archer Seaman Alexander  
Dodd Henry Able Seaman HMS Sirius St John's Parramatta
Dodding James Convict Friendship  
Donovan Stephen 2nd Mate Alexander  
Dooat Joseph Seaman Alexander  
Dougherty Arthur Marine Private Prince of Wales  
Dougherty Daniel Marine's Child Prince of Wales  
Dougherty Judah/Judith Marine's Wife Prince of Wales  
Douglas William Convict - 7 Years Alexander St Albans NSW
Douglas William Marine Private Scarborough  
Dowlan William Marine Private Alexander  
Dowland / Doland/ Doolan Ferdinand / Frederick Convict Scarborough  
Downey Joseph Quartermaster Lady Penrhyn  
Doyle Luke Able Seaman HMS Sirius  
Dring William Convict - 7 Years Alexander Unknown
Drummond John Quartermaster HMS Sirius  
Dudgeon Elizabeth Convict Sailed on Friendship & arrived on Charlotte  
Duhig Cornelius Seaman Friendship  
Dukes Richard Marine Private Friendship  
Dukes Thomas Marine Private HMS Sirius  
Duncan David Ship's Boy Lady Penrhyn  
Duncan Joseph Seaman Lady Penrhyn  
Dundas Jane Convict Prince of Wales  
Dunlap Gavin Gunner HMAT/HMS Supply  
Dunnage Joseph Convict Scarborough  
Dutton Ann Convict Lady Penrhyn  
Dwan Edward Marine Sergeant Charlotte
Dward Edward Marine's Child Charlotte  
Dward Jane Marine's Wife Charlotte  
Dwire Dennis Able Seaman HMAT/HMS Supply  
Dyer Leonard Convict Alexander  
Dykes Mary Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Johns Parramatta





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