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FF Name - Story Category Ship Gravesite / Plaques
Ramsay John Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Sandhills Devonshire St Sy
Randall John Convict -7 Years Alexander Unknown
Reardon Bartholomew Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Kingston Cemetery Quality Row Norfolk Island
Risby Edward Convict -7 Years Alexander St David Hobart  Tasmania
Roberts William Convict - 7 Years Scarborough St Matthews Windsor NSW
Rope Anthony Convict -7 Years Alexander Castlereagh Bush Cemetery NSW
Ruse James Convict - 7 Years Scarborough St Johns Campbelltown NSW
Sandlin Ann Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn Old Sydney Burial Groun
Scriven Phillip Seaman Lady Penrhyn At Sea?
Sheers / Shiers James Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Holy Trinity Kelso NSW
Shortland John Lieutenant RN Alexander with time on Fishburn Lille France
Shortland John Junior Second Mate & Able Seaman Friendship (Second Mate) & HMS Sirius Seaman) Guadeloupe - see also FFF Plaque Newcastle NSW
Shortland Thomas Second Mate RN Alexander St Andrews Parish Church Kingston Jamaica
Small John Convict -7 Years Charlotte St Anne's Ryde NSW and Headstone removed to Field of Mars Cemetery Ryde NSW
Smith Catherine Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn St Peters Richmond NSW
Smith / Beckford Edward Convict - 7 Years Scarborough St Stephens Newtown NSW
Smith Hannah Convict -7 Years Sailed on Charlotte, then Friendship & arrived on Lady Penrhyn  Sandhills Devonshire St & transferred to Botany Cemetery
Smith Mary Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn Kingston Cemetery Quality Row Norfolk Island
Smith /Haines Thomas Convict - 7 Years Scarborough Unknown
Spencer Thomas Marine Private Scarborough St Peters Richmond NSW
Springham Mary Convict -7 Years Lady Penrhyn Kingston Cemetery Quality Row Norfolk Island 
Squire James Convict -7 Years Charlotte Devonshire St relocated to Botany Cemete
Standley William Marine Private HMS Sirius Drowned Compton Ferry Derwent River Tasmania
Stanfield David Marine Private HMS Sirius St Davids Hobarat Tasmania





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